ZeD d Bailey (thezed) wrote in theprovoshow,
ZeD d Bailey

The Punk Rawkin Experience.

i went to a couple of shows last night a local band- the sugarland run. did some crowd surfin' and now i have bruises all over my legs and two small paper - like cuts on my fingers. in short it was the bomb. then i jumped over to another show where everyone was pretty much standing around with their thumbs in their bum. at least at the last bands performance i got to punk pit it solo cause everyone left after Before Braille the feature band. some girl kept getting freshy fresh on me. i being a lamer didn't reply. nonetheless thats beyond my stories point. the point of my story is you can definitally feel different energy at different venues even if the same types or even same bands play. Muse Music was where the first show was and it was way raw energy by the last band. in contrast Papa Lee's was quite dead at the last band. would the lame stand around people please not go to the front of the concert so we energetic concert goers can rock the show? thank you. has anyone else felt the different energy at different venues. oh yah i forgot no one looks at this page. ha! so it was a retorical question cause it prolly won't be answered! well it was for my own vain reasons then. ha! a fly marrying a bumble bee! umm i am extraterestialing it outtie here now.

Peace~Love~Honey Bees

-the ZeD.
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