That girl you don't like. (ex_poloemily361) wrote in theprovoshow,
That girl you don't like.

Hello. I play for the Salt Lake City Women's Rugby team and we are desperately in need of a few good women. Don't know how to play? We'll teach you. Aren't in shape? Neither are we. Prefer drinking beer to playing sports? Yeah? What's yer point?

Seriously, this team is a wonderful way to meet some very cool people (a rugby team isn't a team, it's a family), get in some good excercise, and work out all kinds of aggression and demons.

We are a non-college women's club which means several things:

1. While we do want to be competitive, the name of the game is fun. SO EVERYONE will get their chance on the field. Bench warming is no fun. Bench warming makes people lose interest. SO if you show up, you play. There's no money on the table, no scholarships to be won, we just want everyone to have a great time playing a great sport.

2. While we practice 3 times a week (most weeks)we recognize that are team is made up of "grown ups" who have jobs, school, children etc. We're pretty understanding on legitimate excuses.

3. We are all over 21 and know how to have a damn good time. :)

4. Closely related to that, we like to have "socials" after every game and for no reason at all, so if you're looking for a way to stay in shape, do something different, and make new friends, this is the way to do it.

If anyone is interested in joining, or knows someone who would be, please e-mail Emily at, or show up to Piper Down tonight at 7:30.

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