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July 28, 2004 WEDNESDAY
Starry Night
198W. Center St.
Provo. Ut. 84601
(801) 427-3196

Victim of Modern Age
& 1 Local TBA
cover unknown / 8:00pm

for more information:

Victim of Modern Age's technical compositions tend to be illuminated by glowing stage performances. Minimal but precise vocals surgically emphasize, while sudden stops and changes might deregulate heart palpitations. Their music has been compared to that of fellow bands Shellac, Braid, The Rapture, No Knife, Unwound and others however, their music is of independent expression and also draws from other musical stylings, including some massive jazz roots.

Channels Like Capillaries is Victim of Modern Age's Sophomore release on Universal Warning Records. During their 2003 recording sessions, the band worked closely with long time friend and talented engineer, Ivan Klisanin to make Channels Like Capillaries the next shocking chapter in Victim of Modern Age's Diaries.

"a 40 minute album of intelligent and explosive indie rock. The entire record is packed with moments of quiet, lullful guitar, ripped in half by a post-hardcore drive and crunch."
Feast of Fear and Hate Magazine

"a wonderful mix of hauntingly beautiful and well-executed instrumentation, frenetic rock parts, pop guitars, and solid vocals."
Lindsay Jones, WRBB Boston, CMJ Top 200

Visit Victim of Modern Age on LiveJournal - voma_music
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