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Welcome to the greatest show on earth known as the local show. Why is it the greatest show on earth? Because the artist are local, the fans are local and the music is just down the street. Suddenly as a result bands, venues and people become more real.
If you would like to experience the local show in any way - as a band, as a band groupie, as a fan, as a street team member, as a advertiser, or just someone interested in a scene - then this group is for you.
Our scene needs continual help. As you guess from the groups name it is the Provo, Utah scene. We need more people out to shows and more people taking genuine interest in promoting shows.
This group does this by:
-Giving a place to post shows whether you are a live journal user or not.
(You can post anonymously under the LIST SHOWS HERE or LIST BANDS HERE or POST FLYERS/ARTWORK HERE post)
-Giving a place to post flyer ideas for local shows.
-Providing a like to most of the venues in Provo, Utah or giving sources on how to find them.

The Scene Needs You.
Join Today And Reap The Benifits
As You See The Local Scene Grow.

See you in the pit.